Ascending Hyperspace Mountain

Long time readers might remember my feelings about the Hyperspace format, in that I'm generally not particularly keen on it. Without going over too much old ground, I repeatedly find what I am enjoying playing at the time is never Hyperspace legal, and that makes me sad. (If you really want to read my previous... Continue Reading →

It’s The Resistance!

So apparently a few bits of news were dropped regarding X-wing last week. Here we were just waiting for a points update but it turns out there were also going to be several changes to the game itself. The big one being that initiative bids will no longer be a thing. Whilst I'm not here... Continue Reading →

Supermarket Sweep?

Another week, another X-wing event! It was back to Wales this past weekend to pay a second visit to the Newport branch of Firestorm Games, and their quirky Tesco supermarket location - that still amuses me far more than it ought to. My last trip there had been rather successful (4-0) and the locals are... Continue Reading →


The events really are coming thick and fast at the moment! I suspect that's partly to do with the fact everyone really wants to play right now given the pandemic-enforced absence of all such things, but I shan't complain in the slightest. And for the second time in just a few months, I was visiting... Continue Reading →

Taking The Sith

Settle in folks, this is probably going to be a longer than usual entry. Why? Well, we finally had a 'big' event to attend! Yes, this past weekend was the return of the Sith Taker Open, and the first chance we all had for any sort of large gathering event in the UK. I'd not... Continue Reading →

Every Little Helps

Back for some more tournament action again this week, visiting a venue for the first time in the process. So after realising I had my on-call weeks wrong at work, it turned out I was free this weekend after all to jump across the border into Wales and sample the action at Firestorm Games in... Continue Reading →

(Back) Into The Fire

After just over a month or so of casual gaming, it was back to Firestorm Games in Swindon this past weekend for another small event. I'd mostly still been been playing the same Dash list in my friendly games that I took to the previous event, though I had put it to one side a... Continue Reading →

Aaaaaand We’re Back

Well, that all went a bit weird didn't it! The last time I wrote anything was back in October 2019, when the world was a very different place. I was also starting to hit some X-wing burnout round about that time, especially after the last System Open at the beginning of 2020. So in a... Continue Reading →

No Sleep Til…Worcester?

My X-winging has been very sporadic of late - I haven't played any events since the Worcester doubles tournament at the start of September and my casual games have been very casual. My other current gaming love, the Transformers TCG, has been occupying the majority of my time and thinking. Mostly off the back of... Continue Reading →

Which Way Will You Plo?

Time to play a bit of catch-up! I've been to two events since I last wrote, with very different degrees of success. First up, going back a bit now my local store, Atlantic Games, put on their first event since the changes in store (new management team, refurb etc). Massive props to the guys for... Continue Reading →

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